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How to invest during CoronaVirus; Black Swan Event

by Joy Chien
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The past month has wiped out all the market gains made in 2019. - Bloomberg News This is a beautiful time to begin investing. For people who have already invested, it may feel like a time of emotional turmoil and gut-wrenching losses. However, a shift to a long term mindset and averaging down will help this. Not to mention certain sectors are booming right now so you can use short term profits to hedge your losses (will share on Webinar). This session gives you investing strategies during the recent market crash. We are in a bear market and the US Market index has fallen 30% in the past weeks and panic about the pandemic ensues. What to do now? I will be tackling the following questions as well as Q&A: 1. What to do if you are currently invested in the market? 2. Are we headed into a recession? 3. How long will it be until the market bounces back? 4. How to structure your portfolio if we are heading into a recession or global crisis? 5. What stocks are good to buy now? 6. Can you still make money as the market is falling, how? 7. Should I use a stop loss? Joy quit her corporate job 8 years ago and transitioned to being a full-time private investor. Since then she has founded 2 companies while traveling the world. She studied Engineering and IT, founded an award-winning co-working group DCNightowls, is a spokesperson for Singapore's oldest women's rights NGO, hosts startup competitions and runs investing and yoga retreats around the world. She's worked with over 150 individual investors as well as MNCs such as IBM, Accenture, Bloomberg, KPMG, Paypal, Hilton, etc. With 18 years of consulting, and 13 years investing experience, Joy believes in a balanced, holistic approach to life and investing money. She is passionate about investing, empowering women, wellness, and travel. As a financial wellness advisor, she is now empowering others to be financially independent and recently became a bestselling author for Liberating Your Struggle, Journey of Riches released in July 2019.
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